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Owner & Operator 2018
Licensed Massage Therapist & Esthetician
Certified Plasma Pen Skin Tightening Tech & Hyaluron Pen 
No-Needle Filler Tech
Certified Reiki Master, Divine Crystal Energy Healer & Intuitive Guide

Growing up deeply intuitive and empathic, I developed an even deeper compassion for my fellow human beings and their suffering.  It was easy for me to guide people much older than myself from a young age, as it was clear to me what they should do. I inherently knew where their pain stemmed from; whether it was physical, energetic, mental or emotional and would tell them how to fix it... whether they wanted to know the truth or not, a habit I had to overcome. As I grew older, the transition into healing work was quite natural for me. However, I did learn that not everyone wants to hear the truth or is ready to heal, so I studied everything Mind, Body, Spirit and Science that I could get my hands on to help those that WERE ready to do the work on their healing journey. Formally, I attended college for Psychology, The University of Metaphysical Sciences and entered The School of Body Therapies in 2005, finally being certified as Massage Therapist trained in a multitude of modalities and Reiki Mastership /Teacher level. Reiki to me was the first formal training I was able to experience as a way to hone the energetic fire that resided in my being and that I was sensitive to outside of myself. Eventually, through meditation and decades long spiritual practice and study, my skills grew deeper and more expanded to connect with the divine realm and allowed me to help others to connect it as well.

Over the years following formal healing education, I built and ran other people's Day Spas and businesses as that was my life time specialty(growing up & helping to run my parent's businesses from a young age). But, I felt little purpose in doing so, as my ideas were not implemented, hard work taken for granted and true talent underutilized. I spent about 2 years prior to ownership of Puritie Spa, doing "on call" work - driving 40 mins in to serve single clients, never knowing where it would lead me. During my most down times, I spoke to the Universe about how I wanted to help people in a big way, and that if it wanted me to help, I was going to need help... then one day, without regard, the opportunity presented itself to take over responsibility of Puritie Spa.

After long debate, yes and no, not knowing how I could or if I would make it happen, with deep gratitude and help - I did... and I'm so grateful that I did.

Since then, I've seen the great need for me to expand my licensures and certifications to the external healing and beautification processes, as this is also an essential part of the human experience. We all want to look good and feel good, don't we??? I especially know, growing up with severe acne and other skin issues through the years how it can effect confidence and psyche. I am so happy to be a licensed Esthetician, Certified Plasma Pen Fibrolblast Skin Tightening & Hyaluron Pen No-Needle Skin Filler Specialist. I now specialize in building confidence in one's own skin by lifting, toning, tightening, clearing and rejuvenating the facial muscles and skins cellular structure through a plethora of modalities, machines and products.

Currently, my healing focus has become more on alleiviating physical pain and discomfort through fascia release, breath work, trigger point therapy and gentle deep tissue therapy - aiding in chronic or current pain relief. When able to do so, I am still available for deeper spiritual and energetic work upon request - time and preperation must be taken into account when scheduling.

My goals as an owner are to incorporate EVERYTHING positive that includes Beauty, Body, Mind & Soul Wellness; to gift our community around us in the greatest way possible, with an amazingly talented, caring and knowledgeable crew who have their clients greatest good in heart. My other, but not second goal as owner, is to enable all of our talented Therapists, Healers and Estheticians to grow to their greatest potential through their work and connections at Puritie Spa.


I am honored to be able to help you. Ask me how I can!  - with Love, Tavia <3



My philosopy on skin care is quite simple: We can’t stop the aging process, but we can slow it down. How old you are is your business, how young you look is mine! I pursued my lifelong passion for skincare studying at The Esthetic Institute in Vienna, Virginia. After graduation and state licensing I went on to further my education at Dermal Science International Aesthetic Academy in Reston, Virginia. I earned my Master Aesthetician license from Virginia (very few states hold this title).  I now hold esthetic licenses in Virginia and Pennsylvania. I offer a wide array of services for my clients: Xtreme Lash lash extensions, diamond microdermabrasion, chemical peels, customized facials, LED light therapy, manual lymphatic drainage of the head & neck, Galvanic, dermal skin scrubber, High frequency, jade rollers, facial Gua Sha massage, scalp massage, foot reflexology, full body waxing for men & women, eye brow design, lash & brow tinting and Reiki. Facial Gua Sha massage is a part of traditional Far Eastern medicine. There are many implements used to perform this art, I have chosen 2; a specialty carved piece of Jade called a board and surprisingly, Chinese soup spoons. The belief of this ancient art is moving the body’s Qi, or energy flow. It will reduces wrinkles, dark eye circles, puffy eyes, age spots, discoloration and brightens an overall dull complexion. The slow rhythmic movements are relaxing and result in an immediate glow and revitalization to the skin. I know that good skin just doesn’t happen. Skin requires attention and care, and it is not as time consuming as one would think. Selecting the right products for daily use, combined with an active & targeted skin care action plan at the Spa will produce the desired results. No matter the skin type or skin condition, there is a resolution! And together we will find what is best for you!


Sharon Improving the quality of people’s lives is the objective in all that she does. Sharon provides outstanding private and group sound healing meditations, Angelic Reiki and IET sessions, Angelic Reiki attunements, property healings/blessings and sacred ceremonies. Sharon is particularly effective with pets and horses for healing physical and emotional issues. Sharon can assist you with private meditation sessions. “Meditation saved the quality of my life. I wish everyone would make this effort toward a relationship with themselves and the Divine. It is support that no human can give.”


Deborah - As a professional Massage Therapist, since 1990 & being both a Reiki & Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, my path has always involved an artistic element. I bring that creativity to the table, via a holistic approach designed to meet the needs of my clients.

I offer a wide range of modalities to meet your needs, focusing on both acute & chronic pain relief, injuries and other physical issues. My sessions incorporate a finely tuned blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Active Isolated Stretching - Structural Integration bodywork, Acupressure, Hot River Stone, plus Reflexology and Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki and energy field clearing.

JOHN - is a Pennsylvania State Licensed Massage Therapist and is certified by the State of New Jersey. He graduated from Gentle Healing School of Massage in Cranbury, NJ in 2005. He has had the privilege of teaching Anatomy, Physiology and Massage Technique to the students of the 600 hour program. He also holds a BA in Psychology from Rutgers University. John has studied the Eastern Healing Art of Reiki for the past decade, ultimately obtaining the level of Reiki Master.  John has been doing massage since his graduation from massage school in 2005, practicing and honing his massage techniques across the Buck County area. We are so happy to welcome John to our team here at Puritie.

Elizabeth is a Registered Nurse and has her Bachelors of Science and Nursing. She is also an Aromatherapist, a Wisdom of the Earth Master Distributor and has trained with Wisdom of the Earth to level II, and she has studied with Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy. Liza is also an AAAI certified Yoga instructor, after years of practice, Usui Reiki practitioner/Master Teacher,and Jikiden Reiki Level II practitioner.


In 2004, Liza began a self study of Essential Oils, which added to her self healing program. Three years later she began her Reiki practice when a family member became extremely ill. Then her yoga practice with the other two modalities led to her yoga training. Liza has managed to incorporate the use of Essential Oils, Yoga and Reiki into a balanced lifestyle.


Liza worked in Home care and Home care Hospice nursing for 9ys after 20 years of emergency department nursing. She has been able to bring Holistic nursing to people in there homes and teach them ways to improve their quality of life. Offer hospice patients comfort with Reiki, essential oils ,yoga stretches and breathing Tech. She has also created her business in teaching others the art of self healing through the use of these modalities, and offers treatments and consults.


Puritie Spa
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