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Diamond Microdermabrasion
Our Diamond tip wand gently sands and suctions to remove the top layer of skin cells to reveal fresher younger looking skin. Great for refreshing the skin, helps reduce pore size, improves lines, hyperpigmentation, age spots, treats acne scars and stretch marks. Our full treatment includes extractions of clogged pores, a specifically chosen skincare regime, massage of arms & hands, deep moisturization and spf.
60min - $149          


An amazing age defying treatment that uses microcurrent to pull up lose skin, reduces jowls and define cheeks, smooths out wrinkles (fine & deep),  stimulates and strengthens the underlying facial muscle; also uses L.E.D light stimulation for collagen production, reduce redness and excess fluid, calm acne, enhance circulation, tighten pores, get rid of discoloration and more! 
$175 ( ask about intro & package pricing)

Series of 8 sessions, 1 time a week suggested for maximum results. Ask about a package rate.

Gentleman's Rejuvenation
​For the man needing a little skin revival, we have incoprated a deep cleansing with extraction to remove any black heads or other blemishes, eyebrow grooming, exfoliation with microdermabrasion to remove tough dead skin cells and debris from environmental exposure, a mask to purify, nourish and tone the skin, moisture/spf to seal the skin, a relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage to stimulate circulation and increase nutrient and oxygen absorption in these areas. Ideal for men who want to look and feel their best. 
60min - ​$159

Puritie Classic Facial
A lovely classic facial to beautify, clarify and soften the skin. Includes  a gentle cleansing, light exfoliation, face massage, oxygen mask to infuse the healing and enlivening effects of oxygen, moisturization to give the skin a clean & healthy glow and spf.
60min - $99

Dream Custom Facial
A truly customized facial for your specific skin needs. Targets acne skin, aging skin, dry/oily skin, and many other issues. Includes a beautiful face, neck, head and shoulder massage, along with a deep cleanse and deep exfoliation (Dermafile/Enzyme peel), vibrational extraction of blackheads and clogged pores, specifically chosen masks and other nutrient serums are infused into the skin with hot & cold hammer.
75min - $125

*May also include other tools/products to best benefit your skin; like L.E.D light (increases circulation, increases collagen production, helps with acne, fine lines and other skin issues at the cellular level), high Frequency device(anti-microbial, anti-aging, oxygen infusing), Serums, nourishing masks, and more...

-Ask your esthetician about home care and products to keep the skin in tip top shape.

Zen Face Lift Facial
An award winning facial, developed by master esthetician, Cheryl Miller, utilizes a specialized lifting technique which includes fingers, cupping, Guasha, steaming and other modalities to lift, tighten and take years off of the face without surgery.

This technique dates back to the Ming Dynasty, when they uses jade and other stones to beautify the skin, redfine the facial contours, remove excess lymphatic fluid in the face that contributes to puffiness and bags. This process stimulates, lifts and smooths the skin.




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