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Therapeutic Massage
Combination of techniques designed for your individual needs to enhance relaxation, reduce blood pressure, improve circulation and relieve muscle tension. Customized to treat individual needs.  May include deep tissue, reflexology, stretching and aromatic essential oils.  
55 min

85 min

A specialized foot massage based on research that areas on the sole affect specific body organs.  Amazing results can occur with treatments.
30 min

Puritie Nirvana Massage
Ideal for treating chronic discomfort, injuries, and pain management.  Focuses on neck, shoulders, back & hip pain via deep tissue, Swedish, acupressure, reflexology, essential oils and hot stone therapy.  
2 hours

Reiki Session
A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.
30 min

60 min

90 min


Couples Massage
55 min

85 min

Hot Stone Massage
A blend of Swedish & deep tissue techniques are utilized to meet your specific needs as the deep heat of hot river stones add to the relaxation effect of your treatment; melting away chronic pain & tension.
90 min

PreNatal Massage
Uniquely designed to your needs during your pregnancy to release stress and any discomforts.  
75 min

Muscle Release Therapy
Ideal for those experiencing stress and pain.  As tight muscles and injuries are relaxed, circulation increases and healing begins.
75 min

Lymphatic Drainage
75 min



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