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Massage & Energy Therapy

***In order to best accommodate you, we highly suggested that you book your massage & energy work 48 hours in advance when possible.

Puritie Signature Massage

A therapeutic blend of light to medium massage, reflexology, acupressure and light stretching to enhance relaxation, reduce blood pressure, improve circulation and relieve muscle tension. 
60 min - $99
75 min - $125
90min - $145


Cherish Couples Massage

An individually tailored soothing massage with light to medium pressure for you and a loved one side by side on heated beds, under a warm fuzzy blanket, in the hands of our talented therapists. 
60 min - $195
75min - $250
90 min - $290


Empower Muscle Release Therapy (Deep Tissue)

Ideal for those experiencing pain, knots, tightness, spasms and the likes from work, stress or athleticism. As tight muscles and the surrounding fascia are relaxed, circulation increases and healing begins. Includes myofascial release, trigger point therapy, stretching.

75 min - $135
90 min - $155

75 min - $270
90 min - $310

*Add hot stones, $10 each.

Nirvana Warm River Stone Massage

Let go of the world with the addition of warm river stones and essential oils to our customized signature massage with light to medium pressure to further enhance stress reduction; while melting away pain, tension and discomfort. 
60 min - $109
75 min - $135
90 min - $155

60 min - $215
75 min - $270
90 min - $310

Craddle Prenatal Massage
A gentle massage for expecting mothers to unwind and feel pampered before their new journey.

75 min - $135

Flow Lymphatic drainage

A specialized massage for those with fluid retention (edema). The trained therapist gently massages the limbs and stomach to help the lymphatic system circulate, excrete excess fluids and waste products. Please be well hydrated before your appointment.
75 min - $135

 Release Reflexology Foot Massage
 A specialized foot massage that targets specific pressure points which correlate to areas and organs of the body to release tension, relieve pain and stimulate the healing processes of the body. Amazing results can occur with treatments.

30 min - $55






Balance Reiki Energy Healing
A Japanese energy technique that has been handed down through the masters to channel and manipulate Ki energy (also known as chi or prana), which is then transferred to the client to promote healing and balance throughout the energy and physical bodies. Creates a sense of centeredness and may help to alleviate many physical and emotional ailments.
30 min - $55 (*Great as an add on to other services, including facials)
60 min - $99
90 min - $145


Divine Crystal Energy Healing

An intuitive energy healing that incorporates the channeled energy of divine light, the healing hands of the angels and the power of specifically chosen crystals to help you alleviate many emotional and physical ailments. May cause a release of trauma, increase intuitive awareness, balance & clear your chakras (energy system), while raising your vibration. 

1 session - varies in time according to clients needs

Sound Healing

‚ÄčA beautiful and soothing healing with the vibration of sound. Tuning forks, chimes, bells, gongs, singing bowls and other instruments are used to clear and balance the energy body and emotions.

60min - $140


Ascension Massage, Reiki & Crystal Energy Healing


All around client favorite, 90 minutes of soothing massage with various techniques, added Warm Riverstone to ease your muscles & your woes, followed up with 30 mins of Reiki & Crystal Energy Healing to ease your mind & spirit.

90 min - $165




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